Tony Stone’s Great American Burger Contest

Friday Night Ancillary

Rules for competition:


Contestants: Presentation is OPEN….....Cook’s Choice….Must be able to carry to turn-in window by ONLY ONE Team Member


Burgers should be at least 4oz and No More than 8oz

Burgers cooked to Medium heat 145* to 150*Fahrenheit to Well Done 160*….. Burgers cooked at lower Temps will be disqualified.

All Burgers must contain at least 60% Beef the other 40% can be cooks choice.

Burgers can be dressed any way, Cook’s Choice, But must be placed between the Bun or Bread pieces.

Wooden Skewers, May be used to hold Burgers together for presentation. A knife will be provided on the Judge table so the Table Captain can cut burgers if needed.

Open Garnish

Must be able to feed 6 judges


This contest is dedicated to the memory of Tony Stone who started his KCBS contest in Cookeville, Tn., with a Hamburger Contest over 30 years ago.  Let’s make him proud.